Thursday, November 20, 2008

Altrusa Christmas Home Tour 2008!

Christmas Home Tour
December 13th, 2008
11 am - 6 pm

Tickets: $15.00

Christmas Home Tour
“Homes for the Holidays Tour”

The Christmas Home Tour was the dream of Zada Haws. She was known as Mrs. Christmas. She had always believed Ogden should and was the “Christmas City”. In the 50’s people came from all over Utah and Idaho to shop and congregate in Ogden. The streets and the City Park were decked out more than any place in the West. Zada Believed it should be as it had been “Magical”. She brought together a group of people to look at all the events that Ogden had going on during Christmas. A calendar was created, there were over a hundred events recorded and even more identified after the first printing. Zada also felt Ogden needed a Home Tour. She had visited one in San Francisco and she believed Ogden had homes that would be just as exciting. In 1997 Zada planned the first Ogden, “Homes for the Holidays Tour. She chaired this event until her death in 2007. It is in her honor that this tour continues.
This year’s tour features five homes and two 25th street businesses. The 2008 tour is dedicated to Zada and the proceeds will go to her favorite charity, United Way of Northern Utah. She served on the United Way Board for over 15 years. Her last official duty before her death was to attend her Executive Board Meeting. This year United Way is facilitating the “Safety Net Fund”. This money goes to keep families in their homes through the winter months. Due to the economy many families have been forced into a crisis, these funds will help them through the difficult times. Along with the “Safety Net Fund” United Way has helped Christmas Village with its new store for the holidays. All proceeds from the tour will be dedicated through United Way to these two programs.
The people who have given their homes for the tour are friends and family of Zada. She had a love of art, so this year’s tour will feature the 25th Street Gallery, operated by her good friend Carol Fielding. She loved buying clothes for Christmas for her grandchildren, so the other business is Little Cherry Blossoms. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Christmas from a decorating/shopping experience. Bring friends and make it a day of merriment and delight.
Tickets sell for $15.00 and the tour is from Noon until 6:00 P.M. on December 13, 2008.

Homes on the tour:
Rick Lovell & Nicole Charlesworth
1712 Shadow Valley Drive

Ken & Anne Freimuth
1727 Meadowcreek Lane

Gene & Carol Lynn Smith
4660 Madison Ave.

Troy & Leslie Herold
3167 Hawthorn Avenue

Rick and Nikki Lovell
1842 28th Street

Refreshments and Business Tours
Gallery 25
268 25th Street
Little Cherry Blossoms
184 25th Street
Ticket can be purchased at any one of the following:

United Way of Northern Utah
2955 Harrison Blvd # 201
Ogden, UT
399-5584 ext. 111
Contact: Nikki Lovell

Gallery 25
268 25th Street
Ogden, UT
ph: 334-9881

Little Cherry Blossoms
184 25th Street
Ogden, - (801) 334-0184

Rainbow Gardens
1851 Valley Dr,
Ogden - (801) 621-1606

The Posy Place
2757 Washington Blvd.
Ogden - (801) 621-4010

Join us for tea and refreshments at Gallery 25 following the tour!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Eclectic Cart - St. James Festival Of Follies! Fundraiser Success!

“Eclectic” Cart

Altrusa International of Ogden is proud to report that this year's annual fundraising event at the St. James Festival of Follies was a success! Our "Eclectic" themed cart filled with “treasures” and the additional raffle for a beautiful cat print, donated by our member Carol Fielding, was an overwhelming success. Sales of tickets raised $604.00 which will help to fund the upcoming years literacy based projects! Thanks to all who supported this event!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Book of My Own


Students at Gramercy Elementary School each received a book donated by Altrusa of Ogden. The students were very pleased and promised to read their books over the summer. Pat Ropelato very capably coordinated this project and would like to give thanks to all fo the members who helped make this project a success!

Support Altrusa Interantional by using GoodSearch

Lanisa was kind enough to submit the following from the “ What’s Up From the Guv” newsletter.

Help the International Foundation with the Click of Your Mouse. From the January Foundation Flash in the President’s mailing: is a new search engine that donates half it’s revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine (i.e. Google) and it is powered by Yahoo, so you get great results.

Instead of using Google to search the internet, go to and enter Altrusa International Foundation when you are asked who do you good search for, then enter your search terms.

Be sure to enter Altrusa International Foundation as the charity you want to support. This is a fast and easy way to support the Altrusa Foundation and the good work it does.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

District Ten Call to Conference!

Our District Ten Conference will be held in Clovis, New Mexico on May 1st -3rd. Some of the events and workshops we can look forward to:
  • "Reading is Magic" presentation by Dr. Shoulders
  • "Special Ops" adventures as "Special Agents."
  • Literacy workshops
  • ASTRA workshops
  • Membership and more!
  • Officer Training
Lets represent our club! Travel arrangements can be made through Altrusa Travel. Visit District Ten to find out more!